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The Sexual Orientation Monitoring Standard

Published: 02/11/2018

NHS England's Equality and Diversity Council commissioned the LGBT Foundation to create a Sexual Orientation Monitoring Standard (SOM) with the help of partners like NHS Digital and the National LGB&T Partnership. The purpose of this standard is to maintain a whole consistent database across the entire Health and Social Care system.  

Issues SOM could help with

The SOM standard can help with data on a number of issues:

  • The needs of people within the Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Pan and Bisexual communities are often unrecognised and/or not addressed, which can lead to the following outcomes:

- They might not get the right health advice or treatment

- They might be at increased risk of certain conditions, which might not be missed by their healthcare worker

If we have a more complete picture of the situation, our services can do more to help. Monitoring Sexual Orientation will help to ensure that:

  • All Health and Social Care Organisations are able to demonstrate the provision of equitable access for LGB individuals;

  • Care providers have an improved understanding of the impact of inequalities on Health and social care  for LGB populations in England.

Service user position

Recent analysis shows we have an explicit sexual orientation recorded for 21% of current service users (but only 18% of people referred during 2017 to date). There is no active monitoring or chasing aiming to improve the completeness of this data. Illy Carepath is set up to collect the information for SIAS clients. Recent analysis shows we have an explicit sexual orientation recorded for 61% of current clients.

Find out more about Sexual Orientation Monitoring Information Standard.