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BSMHFT staff say a big thank you to their ‘superhero’ children for helping them to help others

Published: 02/07/2020

Sunday 5 July is the 72nd birthday of the NHS and across the country NHS staff are marking the occasion by saying thank you to everyone who has supported them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the groups our staff at BSMHFT have been thanking over the past few weeks is their children, for doing their bit while their parents have been working hard to care for patients and keep services running during this challenging time.

Over the last few months, NHS staff have stepped up in ways never seen before to continue to deliver services. Many children of those working in the NHS have also seen their daily lives changed and normal routines disrupted.  Some have been going to school and nursery during lockdown while their friends stayed at home, some have had to stay at home when they would usually be out seeing friends and family, others have seen less of their frontline NHS parents than usual due to the pandemic or have had parents working from home who don’t usually.  Like their parents and relatives, they have had to adapt to huge changes and have shown amazing resilience and understanding, continuing to raise the spirits of our hardworking colleagues and make them smile during this stressful time. 

In recognition of this, many BSMHFT staff have presented their children with a ‘certificate of appreciation’ thanking them for helping the NHS to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has had a very positive impact on both the children and their parents.

Karen Bailey, Clinic Forensic Psychologist at BSMHFT said: “The certificate made my kids feel valued, as though they were doing their bit to help during the pandemic. They weren't always happy about having to go to school whilst their friends were at home, but receiving the certificate put huge smiles on their faces and filled them - and me, with pride.”

Casey, son of Hazel Ndoro, Ward Manager proudly described himself as a: “Stay at home superhero!”

Katie Williams, Research Governance Manager explained that her daughter also felt proud: “Jess’s daily routine drastically changed as a result of lockdown and it was great to recognise her efforts in allowing me to work from home… Lockdown has taught her all about the NHS and how vital it is in looking after everyone. She was immensely proud of her certificate, showing all of our neighbours how she has helped the NHS!”

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Take a look at the certificate of appreciation video