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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Local mental health trust invites you to tune into ‘Mental Health Natters’ for World Mental Health Day

Published: 07/10/2021

During lockdown many people felt isolated and lonely, with some experiencing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression for the first time.

As a result, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust’s  (BSMHFT) Recovery for All Team Developed the idea for Mental Health Natters - their first mental health and recovery podcast. The launch will mark World Mental Health Day.

The podcast gives a unique insight into mental health and recovery and is produced by service users and staff affected by mental ill health.

The team see their podcast as an opportunity to bring hope and inspiration to many by sharing their experiences of living with and recovering from mental health conditions via a medium that is accessible to a wide audience.

In a year where World Mental Health Day focuses on Mental Health in an Unequal World, they have welcomed the opportunity to speak out:  

Shay Bacon, one of the Mental Health Natters team says: “Working with others to develop the podcast makes me feel proud… It feels great to get more people's voices heard, and to support each other in getting our own out there!”

Rhea Dunscombe, another member of the team, shares a similar view:

“I find this type of project as an expert by experience incredibly rewarding as having my voice heard, received and respected gives me a sense of reward and acknowledgement”

The first episode of the podcast focuses on how to answer the ‘How are you?’ question and the sometimes-unhelpful responses and also the meaning of recovery. The informal and funny discussion helps the listener to relate to the speakers and to empathise with and learn from their comments.

The team completed a bespoke online training programme to enable them to record, edit and produce a podcast with both service users and staff developing new skills together. The Mental Health Natters team were successful in securing funding for this training through BSMHFT’s charitable funds and would like to thank Caring Minds, the Trust’s charity.

Roisin Fallon Williams, Chief Executive, BSMHFT says: “Mental Health Natters is a brilliant example of a collaborative team of staff and experts by experience actively working together creating something which will hopefully benefit many people who are affected by mental health conditions. The launch of the podcast is a great way for the Trust to celebrate World Mental Health Day.”

The first in the series of Mental Health Natters, the podcast covering all things mental health and recovery, will be available to download from Spotify on Wednesday 13 October. The team are planning future episodes featuring more experts by experience as well as families and carers supporting a loved one living with a mental health condition. 

Mental Health Natters