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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Our Trust Five Year Strategy

Published: 27/04/2021

Our new Trust Five Year Strategy sets out our direction of travel, ambitions and priorities for the next five years.

Our strategy was developed over 10 months during 2020 and has been co-produced with our colleagues, our service users, families and carers and our partners to make sure we truly have a common vision and shared values for the future. It is the result of one of the largest engagement exercises we have ever carried out and we are particularly proud that the strategy has been awarded the Trust’s first ever Recovery for All Quality Mark, for demonstrating the principles of recovery and co-production with service users and carers.

Like others across health and social care we are facing increasing challenges every day – such as increasing demand for our services, demographic change through a growing and ageing population, a shortage in workforce supply and financial constraints. In addition, the past 12 months has been one of the most difficult years ever as we have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, which fundamentally changed the way we work.

Yet, this is also an exciting time for us as we respond to these challenges. We are breaking down barriers by collaborating and working in partnership in ways we have never done before to transform how we deliver care together, improve outcomes and meet the needs of our population in a truly integrated way.  As a Trust we are on a real journey of improvement, as our quality improvement approach underpins more and more of what we do.

Through the pandemic we have shown that we can quickly implement new digital approaches to enable us to work in a more flexible, agile and productive way. We want to hold onto many of these changes we have made and go further, transforming how we work and becoming more sustainable for the future.

Our refreshed values – compassionate, inclusive, committed – guide everything we do and will be key in embedding a ‘just’ culture and helping us tackle discrimination, so that everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

Our strategy will give us the direction and focus to make our Trust a better place to work, make sure our service users are at the heart of what we do, improve the quality of care we provide and achieve our vision of improving mental health wellbeing. It will also enable us to provide increasingly integrated care with our local and regional partners and tackle the very evident health inequalities in many of the communities we serve. 

Our Trust Five Year Strategy is available on our website at www.bsmhft.nhs.uk/strategy.

5 year Trust Strategy