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Windrush Day

Published: 22/06/2022

Today is Windrush Day. This marks the day when, in 1948, at least 492 Caribbean people were brought to England on a ship named the Windrush Empire. On this day, we pay our respects to the important contribution these people and their children have made to the British economy and culture.

The term 'Windrush Generation' refers to any Caribbean people who arrived in Britain during this period stretching from 1948 to 1973.

The Windrush Generation made an enormous contribution to Britain, both by working in demanding and essential jobs, and by enriching the country's arts and culture.

Sadly, another reason Windrush Day is so important is that when the Windrush Generation arrived in Britain, they often had to cope with racial abuse, prejudice, and intolerance. They were often denied access to private employment and housing, and were banned from many pubs, churches,

This is why on Windrush Day we both pay our respects to the Windrush Generation and the amazing contributions they've made to the country, and make a special effort to take a stand against racist behaviours and attitudes.

Windrush Day