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Inspired by the idea of returning to nursing? Still committed to care and compassion?

Published: 30/09/2014

If you’ve ever thought about returning to practice, now is the time to do it. 

If you have been a registered nurse previously and wish to return to the profession, then you may need to undertake a return to practice programme. The programme is essentially a period of updating your skills and knowledge, so that you can return to work in nursing and become re-registered. 

To ensure that returning to nursing is as simple as possible for you, return to practice programmes have been refreshed across the country so that you can enjoy a supportive, flexible and varied learning experience.  

If you’re looking to complete a return to practice course, you can now expect:

* Course fees to be paid
* Additional financial support towards travel, childcare and book costs etc.
* Clear information on how to find a course 
* Support in finding a clinical placement 
* Theory and clinical-based training
* Access to a mentor
* Simulation techniques to practice skills
* Preceptorship support 

This fresh approach to return to practice supports nurses on their journey back into nursing. 

To watch a film about what it’s like to be a nurse at our Trust and for more information about working for us click here.

To find out more about the opportunities available in the region you would like to study or work in, click here.  

If you have thought about coming back into Nursing, then come along to a special event in at Birmingham City University on 18 October to find out more – click here for details. You will be able to visit stalls and get advice to help you get back into your nursing career.