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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Peter Brown

This is my Third Term as a governor representing Solihull Service Users.
I have lived in Solihull since 1985 and this is where my journey began.

I have suffered with ill mental health since the age of five and into my Adulthood, which has changed my life. I have received help from my GP to getting help from my local mental health clinic, which I am still receiving and have been for many years now. This has taken the form of face to face treatment and medication, to seeing different Clinicians and receiving different drugs.

Then, some years ago now, I got involved with the Positive Mental Health Group. During this time the trust was deciding to become a Foundation Trust. I signed up to become a member of the Service User and Carer Constituency for Solihull. When elections were taking place, I stood for a seat for the Service User and Carer Constituency, Solihull. I was successful in acquiring this position. I recognised that I have a passion for supporting people and could succeed in representing members. My aim remains to increase representation and engagement with service users.

As part of my governor role, I am involved with the Solihull Mental Health Re-design Group, and Chairperson of Solihull Mind Charity.

Peter Brown - Service User Governor