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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together
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Our commitment

  • Open access - opportunities to self-refer, come back to us if needed, access to a 24 hour crisis line, access to the right kind of help 7 days a week. Everyone to be seen by the right person at the time in the right place.

  • Choice - to be given the choice of time and day of appointments, of practitioner and of location. Extended opening hours, with more options to be seen away from mental health settings, by staff who have mobile technology.

  • A recovery approach for an improved sense of purpose well-being - focusing on the person, their circumstances, the community in which they live, in a way that is hopeful, positive and meaningful.

  • Evidence based interventions – ensuring that treatment, interventions and support are based on the best evidence, along clear pathways.

  • Opportunities for new roles - for peer support workers who have lived experience of mental health problems.

  • An approach that makes physical health and mental health being of equal importance - wherever the care is being delivered. This means working closely with GPs and other health providers, but also providing the right services within the Trust.

  • Hospital care – as close to home as possible, when it is needed and after all other options have been explored.

  • An integrated service, local where we can, specialist where we must - this would involve bringing teams for an area together providing local integrated services, based on needs not age, as well as specialist services where appropriate.

  • Partnerships – with other services, agencies and our communities. Opportunities to share our resources and make sure that we work together.

Improving the experience of our service users and their families, friends and carers is at the heart of the changes we are planning. However, we are mindful in the current economic climate we do also need to be able to do more with our money. We are exploring all opportunities to spend less on lots of buildings, and more on people, to work with and develop more partnerships with other services and agencies that will not only improve care, but really focus on meeting the outcomes people want.