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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together
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What you have told us so far

  • Availability of resources and expertise needs to be flexible, for example evening or weekend opening.
  • People should always know how to get help in a crisis.
  • All sections of the community should have access to the right help and support early enough.
  • Service users want to be informed and involved in decisions about care and be clear what the choices are, why certain treatments are given and what outcomes are expected.

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  • Physical and mental health are equally important and services are should always be co-ordinated to make sure needs are met.
  • Links between our services and local GPs work well in some areas, and this should be replicated across Birmingham and Solihull.
  • We need to listen more to families, friends, and local organisations and communities.

Staff have told us that they want to spend more time with service users and less time on paperwork, and that a focus on recovery makes their job much more rewarding.

We’ve taken this on board when developing our proposals for a new service model.