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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Best Start - Parent Infant Mental Health

Solar supports mothers with complex perinatal mental health problems who have, or are at risk of, parenting difficulties. These include less severe problems (such as depression, anxiety and personality difficulties) as well as more serious problems where there are parenting difficulties. We will provide a variety of treatments and parenting interventions, seeing mothers and their infants at home as well as in the clinic setting.

Solar connects its own staff with the specialist mental health roles in the Midwifery Service and Health Visiting Service, leading a team whose skills reflect their ability to deal with both maternal mental health problems and infant mental health issues, and the interaction between the two.

Solar provides:
  • interventions for parents with mild to moderate mental health problems, in particular depression and anxiety disorders.
  • specialist interventions when a parent’s serious/complex problems could affect their baby.
  • liaison with specialist midwives and health visitors for mental health, Birmingham Healthy Minds, Family Nurse Partnership, Solihull Healthy Minds, and other Best Start early childhood services to ensure the parent infant mental health services work successfully.
  • specialist training for staff, so that they can identify, understand and help parents where their own mental health issues are having an impact on their baby or infant.
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