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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Monthly Parents Support Group

1 in 10 children aged 5-16 suffer from a mental health disorder. At Solar, we understand how challenging it can be to be a parent or relative of a child who may be suffering with their mental health. As well as giving the correct support to your child, we want to help and support you too. Our group is here to provide you with this and we hope you will benefit from coming along to join us.

What the group looks at:

  •     your experience of caring
  •     understanding the signs and symptoms of mental illness
  •     how to recognise and manage stress levels
  •     how to look after your physical and mental health
  •     what different support is available at Solar
  •     understanding how to recognise signs of relapse

Support groups are a good way for you to meet with other carers and parents, and share with each other how you feel about being a parent/carer. It is not always an easy task and this is a good opportunity to share experiences. They are also a good opportunity to learn different techniques of how to provide the best care and develop different coping strategies.

There is no need to book formally, but we like to keep a record of how many people will be attending to keep track of numbers. To get in touch and for more information, please call 0121 301 2750.

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