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Parent support programmes

There are several programmes available that aim to support parents, co-ordinated by Solihull Parenting Team and taking place in various locations across Solihull. These courses are designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about supporting your child, and are available to parents/carers resident in Solihull.

Understanding pregnancy and early childhood


Solihull Parenting Team also co-ordinate an antenatal parenting group, facilitated by Solihull midwives, which takes place once a week for 5 weeks and is free of charge.

The group will cover a wide range of topics, provide practical information to prepare you for your baby’s arrival, and give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you and your partner/birth partner may be having, as well as meeting other mums and dads-to-be.


Once your baby has arrived, you can join a 6 week postnatal parenting group, facilitated by the health visiting teams across Solihull.

The 2-hour group will provide practical information, covering a number of topics, as well as exploring your relationship with your new baby and giving you the opportunity to share your experiences with other new mums.

Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour

The ‘Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour’ programme is open to all parents with children aged up to 16 years old. The group aims to develop your understanding of your child’s behaviour, while helping you to learn more about your child’s development. The group is also an opportunity for you to meet other parents.

The group runs each school term. The sessions are two hours long, taking place once a week for 10 weeks. The programme is free of charge.

Evidence from previous programmes has shown that this programme can help to reduce parents’ anxieties, improve parent/child relationships and positively impact on their child’s behaviour.

The programme looks at a variety of different topics, including:

  • Having fun together
  • Development needs
  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Sleep
  • Parenting Styles
  • Communication

Two trained and experienced facilitators lead the group. If you haven’t attended the group before, one of these facilitators will contact you to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. There is the possibility that a crèche facility may be available for children who need looking after during the time you are at the group.

Booking programmes and further information

If you would like to book onto a group, or find out more information, please contact the Solihull Parenting Team on telephone number 0121 301 2773 or via email to bsmhft.parenting@nhs.net

If your child is currently being seen by our Solar team, there may be more courses in addition to the ‘Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour’ programme available to you that our staff think may be beneficial for you to attend.

Solihull Approach Parenting Courses

Access to the Solihull Approach Parenting Courses will remain free until July 2020.

Available to all Solihull residents, the courses will enable users to gain knowledge, confidence and skills in sensitive and attuned parenting.

Please find attached the new details of how to access the free Solihull Approach Parenting Course, as there has been a change to the access code, which you are welcome to circulate to anyone in Solihull who may also find this helpful.

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