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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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About us

We work in many different ways with young people, depending on their needs.

  • We support teachers, youth workers and people working with young people by offering them support and training on how to spot mental health difficulties.
  • We employ specialist mental health workers to work with children and young people with mild or moderate mental health difficulties. These professionals can also support you.
  • Our psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and community nurses provide more specialist services. These professionals work with children and young people with complex mental health difficulties, as well as supporting you.
  • We also work with and support children and young people who may need very specialist treatment, which could involve hospital care.

Solar supports the following outcomes for children young people and their families and carers:

  • Improved emotional wellbeing and mental health for children, young people and their carers so that they are more resilient, able to manage their mental health needs and have a life which is not defined by their mental illness.
  • Children and young people with emotional wellbeing and mental health needs are identified early and supported in community settings including schools, reducing the need for access to more specialist mental health services.
  • Children and young people receive mental health services locally, within their own community and close to home, and do not need to be admitted to inpatient services.
  • Young people experience a seamless transition to adult services.
  • Parents and carers promote the emotional wellbeing of their children.
  • Children, young people and their carers feel well informed and supported.
  • Parents and professionals in universal services such as schools and primary care feel more confident about responding to emotional wellbeing needs and are clear about when and how to refer on for additional help.
  • Improved outcomes for children and young people who are looked after and adopted through reduced placement disruption and breakdown.
  • Children, young people and families design and influence the arrangements for emotional wellbeing and mental health services.

The goal of Solihull’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health service for Children and Young People is to create a comprehensive system, designed around the needs of children and young people, which keeps children and young people healthy as well as treating those that are ill. The Strategy prioritises resilience, partnership and co-production.

Young Minds - Amplified

Young Minds have launched their Digital Participation Network, a way to enable professionals who support children and young people's mental health to stay up to date with current news about participation. It also is a way for professionals to share good practice across mental health services. Find out more or join the network here.
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