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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
Better Together

Living our values

Nikki Parveen

Nikki, who is a support worker at Zinnia Centre, uses her community language skills to help staff communicate with service users, in turn enabling them to be better engaged in their care.

Nikki Parveen is living our values.

Living our values is all about highlighting real staff who have displayed quality in their areas, from front-line nurses showing compassion in care, to support staff ensuring notes are completed on time.

This work ties into our wider agenda around quality which is an important focus for our Trust.

Our quality goals support this work by ensuring quality is embedded in all aspects of our work and our plans.

Our quality goals

  • Service user engagement in care – ensuring patients are actively involved in their care planning.
  • Addressing poor quality – supporting staff in raising concerns and actively respond to them.
  • Compassionate care – making sure service users are treated with dignity and respect
  • Safe care – ensuring our environments are safe and reducing the number of incidents
  • Recovery – services will support service users in their recovery