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Planning for the future and emergency planning

Carers, families and friends of our service users often worry about how the people they support will manage when they are no longer around to support them. There are many organisations that are able to support carers and families in preparing for emergencies or planning for the longer term if, as a carer, they are no longer able to support the person they care for. Most of these organisations provide face to face support and literature, however, there is nothing available with the information all in one place that carers can refer to around planning for the future.  

For carers, when they think about the future, their concerns usually fall into two categories:

  • Who will look after me if I become unwell with a long term condition?
  • Who will look after my relative/friend if I am no longer able to support them?


The purpose of the planning for the future booklet is to provide information about some of the things that carers and families may need to think about when looking to the future and also asking them to think about emergency planning should it be needed.  Planning for the future has no age restriction. There is something in our booklet that may apply to carers of all ages from young carers to those who are caring for someone in their later years.

This project has been led by a carer who has recognised there was a gap in information and support for carers and families around this subject and has for many years been trying to get the information in one place for carers. The working group for this project was very much carer led and included representatives from Stonham Carer Support, Meriden, Trust carer leads and carers themselves.  

The booklet includes:

  • How to start the planning process
  • Help with planning
  • Making financial plans
  • Emergency planning
  • Useful checklists

You can request a FREE copy of the booklet by one of the following ways:

  • Contact Evie Hogshaw, Business Administration Apprentice, on evie.hogshaw@nhs.net   
  • Call the patient experience team on 0121 301 1389
  • Leave a message with the Customer Relations (PALS) team on 0800 953 0045
  • Or download a copy here

Emergency Planning

Please download a copy of the Emergency Planning booklet here


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