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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Benefits clinics

Are you sure that you are getting all your benefits?

Claiming benefits can seem complicated, particularly if your circumstances change. Some people find that their benefits stop when they go into hospital or don’t know how to go about claiming when they’re discharged.

You may have been sent forms to fill in and need help to complete them, or it could be that you or your carer are missing out on some of the millions that go unclaimed every year.

Benefits clinic

How we can help

The trust is working with Birmingham City Council Benefit Advice Team to make it easier for service users and carers to get all your benefits paid.

Since 1994 their welfare rights experts have been helping people to claim and now you can access the service through your care coordinator/CPN/Nurse or member of your team.

They can make a referral /help you make a referral to the benefits team  for you to be seen at a centre or clinic or they can come and visit you at home.

At the meeting they will:

  • Check to see if you are missing out

  • Help you fill in the forms or phone up for you 

  • Make sure you get the right money


They may also be able to help you to appeal if you have been wrongly turned down or had your benefit stopped.

This provision is free for all service users please contact your team or customer relations for more information.