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Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust
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Spiritual care

Everyone has a spirituality. Our spirituality is what helps us to have a sense of meaning and purpose in life, to have a sense of belonging and to feel we have something valuable to offer in life.

Some people express this through a faith or belief, others through their culture or traditions; all of us would have something like music, poetry, art, drama or enjoying nature which lifts our spirits .

We all have times in our lives when we find it less easy to cope, when we lose sight of the things that give us strength and encouragement or when we find ourselves asking questions about what we believe; that’s when the spiritual care team are here to help.

Spiritual care

We offer support to anyone associated with the trust, whether you are a service-user, family member or carer, a volunteer or a member of staff, to help you find or reconnect with the things in your life that help you to make sense of what is happening and/or which can help you with recovery. 

We do this by:

  • offering to listen to you without being critical, judgemental or telling you what to do

  • meeting with you to explore spiritual issues, individually or in groups

  • providing inspirational materials and resources

  • helping to ensure that all in-patient areas have access to space for reflection, prayer and/or meditation in any faith or non-faith tradition

  • training staff in identifying, respecting and addressing spiritual care needs

  • support for special events to celebrate festivals

  • contact/links with local faith communities and training to help them support their members

  • having faith-specific chaplains and support, including religious services of baptism, Sacraments, Holy Communion, funeral or memorial, from a wide range of faiths and traditions.

Handbook of Spiritual Care in Mental Illness

You may download a single copy of the PDF Handbook of Spiritual Care in Mental Illness for personal or research purposes here.  For multiple copies, please email bsmhft.spiritualcare@nhs.net, requesting an order form: £5 per copy including UK postage, discounts available for 10+.

Contact details

You can contact us by:

Office: 0121 301 1276
Barberry: 0121 301 2013
Ardenleigh: 0121 678 4641


Head of Spiritual Care, Trust headquarters, 52 Queensbridge Road, Moseley, Birmingham. B13 8QY. 


Please make sure you tell us your telephone number or email address to help us get back to you quickly.